MaJLo – It Might Be Real


Catalogue: SRR018
Format: CD
Release Date: 17/06/2022

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The fourth album of MaJLo, a producer, multi-instrumentalist, and vocalist based in Gdańsk, Poland – this time in a shorter EP form.

The album is a collection of stories for which childhood is the common ground. The return to the carefree years is understood here as a journey to a safe place, to which one returns when confronted with the – often difficult – reality of an adult. Finding your inner child, pure joy and delight with the most ordinary things, children’s imagination, is the opposite of fears and anxiety and the feeling of being overwhelmed by everyday life. The kind of warmth and simplicity associated with the past reflects on “It Might Be Real” in the approach to the sound layer of the album. All the instrument parts were recorded in the MaJLo’s home studio, and the drums recordings took place in a cabin in the woods outside the city, where the artist spent his childhood. The warm and organic sound of the album comes from the concept of using only analog instruments, synthesizers, and effects. The space is filled with natural reverbs, and some of the tracks were recorded using a tape recorder.

“This is the most personal album in my discography, the production of which has had an almost therapeutic effect on my life. Experiences related to the year 2021, which was difficult for me, and attempts to deal with new feelings became the catalyst for the creation of the concept of ‘It Might Be Real’. I also realized that some of these feelings have always been with me, and looking at them can help me understand and accept my nature.” – MaJLo

1. Habits
2. Healing
3. Child
4. Luminous
5. August

Music: MaJLo
Lyrics: Joanna Bieńkowska
Production and mix: MaJLo
Mastering: Jeff Lipton and Maria Rice / Peerles Mastering, Boston, NA
Violin: Joanna Bieńkowska
Trumpet: Radek Kulesza
Trombone: Artur Ostrowski
Drums: Łukasz Łapiński