Cinnamon Gum – a band, but basically one man, reality, but carefully created, history, but constantly emerging in the present. Cinnamon Gum is full of contrasts. The only real thing is that it was created for my pleasure – but also yours.

Founded in 2023 by producer Maciej Milewski (MaJLo), the project was born out of a fascination with philly soul/funk music of the 1970s. Wanting to reflect the sound of music from that period carefully, Maciej limited himself to the means and engineering techniques used by Motown Records producers, among others. The artist created most of the parts (voc, guitars, bass, wurlitzer, organ, glockenspiel), and for the recording of the remaining tracks he invited his friends.

“For a long time, I have dreamed of creating such a project – a creation in which I could go back in time to the most beautiful period in music for me. A time of emotional lyrics, melodic vocal lines, and gospel harmony. Working on this material was a big production challenge for me, but it also gave me a lot of joy. It allowed me to travel back in time and approach the process of making music in a different way than before.”