keatsu – Boil


Catalogue: SR012
Format: CD
Release Date: 14/05/2021

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‘Boil’ is keatsu’s debut mini-album. The first five tracks depict the artist’s internal transformation and his growing love for himself and for another person. Closing the album, “I Like This Song” represents the creative process during which his songs are born.

“I always thought I would search for sounds and words, and then logically combine them into compositions. While creating this EP, I tried not to think about it. Over time, I found meaning in my songs and I feel like a dose of unconsciousness accompanied the creative process itself.” – keatsu

The yellow and blue colors that adorn the album cover symbolize the extreme emotions that a person must deal with every day. “Boil” is something trying to break out of the body. Unexpressed emotion that stagnates and waits for the right moment to burst out with double the force. The artist drew inspiration from the rich discography of the Californian band Red Hot Chili Peppers, the playful sounds of Canadian musician Mac DeMarco, and the production artistry of James Blake from the Isles. On “Boil,” you can hear synthesizer sounds from the 90s as well as electronic and acoustic guitars. For the track “I Could Be Your Friend,” keatsu invited artist Sandra Iris from Spain.

1. Boiling
2. Serce
3. Inside Out
4. I Could Be Your Friend (feat. Sandra Iris)
5. Let It Be
6. I Like This Song


Music and Lyrics by keatsu
Production: Maciej Kuc, Maciej Milewski
Mix: Maciej Milewski
Mastered by Maciej Milewski