MaJLo – Vestiges: The Scenes


Catalogue: SR010
Format: CD
Release Date: 30/10/2020

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Vestiges: The Scenes’ is the third album of the artist MaJLo, who is based in Gdańsk, Poland. The stories on the album are presented as separate scenes, inspired by the Icelandic lifestyle, full of love for nature and local legends. The fairy- tale nature of the island is also reflected in the romantic texts by Joanna Bieńkowska and MaJLo. The cover of the album, created by the musician himself, shows an old postcard that the artist purchased from an elderly man at a flea market in Reykiavik. The addressee was a mysterious woman – Gunna, whose story was reconstructed in the first single promoting the album – ‘Dear Gunna,’. On „Vestiges: The Scenes” we can hear a wide range of acoustic and electronic instruments, most of which have been recorded by MaJLo. The acoustic guitar and piano remain the core of the songs, creating the background for the vocal melodies. There is also electronics in the form of synthesizers and samples from old audio tapes. MaJLo invited two exceptional artists to cooperate: Natalia Grosiak, whose unique voice will be heard in the song “Złoto”, and Adam Bałdych, whose renaissance violin was completed by the song “Shelter”, closing the album.

1. Wasted
2. Desolation
3. Elegy For The Stranger
4. Dear Gunna,
5. Złoto (feat. Natalia Grosiak)
6. The Greatest Thing
7. Insomnia: Scene VII
8. When You Care
9. Blurred
10. Shelter (feat. Adam Bałdych)


Music by MaJLo
Lyrics by Asia Bieńkowska
Production: MaJLo
Mixed and mastered by MaJLo
Bass: Tomasz Sadecki (track 4, 5)
Violin: Adam Bałdych (track 10)
Choir: Dora Theisebach, Łukasz Reks, Marcin Molendowski, Agnieszka Brenzak (track 3)