Vincent – Vincent


Catalogue: SR011
Format: CD
Release Date: 08/01/2021

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The EP contains original compositions inspired by the spiritual life of a human and the ability of finding place in the perfect nature. The stories in the songs oscillate around the romantic themes of love and mystery, such as in „Mary’s Smile”, which shows the long journey of a wanderer in order to find a stranger woman named Mary. The song „Mój Dom” also features the theme of broadly understood love, which manifests itself in the closeness of another person, existing in a common space, which is the title house.

The cover of the album was created by artist Ola Kotarska from Gdańsk. We see two overlapping shells, personified by Vincent himself with the diverse nature of man: its light and dark side. These two faces of human nature interpenetrate and cannot exist separately.

On the mini-album we will hear mainly warm piano sounds accompanied by subtle electronics. The artist also uses spatial-sounding choirs as a separate instrument, introducing a characteristic, trance-like atmosphere. Vincent also invited exceptional artists: vocalist from the band called „Lor” – Jagoda Kudlińska, whose voice will be heard in the piece „Mój Dom”, and Joanna Bieńkowska, who enriched this composition with the violin part.

1. Intro
2. Awakening
3. Mary’s Smile
4. Mój Dom (feat. Jagoda Kudlińska)
5. Please, Save Us

Music by Vincent
Lyrics: Vincent, Karolina Arczewska
Production: Maciej Milewski
Mixed and mastered by Maciej Milewski