Maciej Kuc – producer, composer, guitarist and vocalist from Gdansk, Poland. He has been producing music since 2018 and releasing it as “keatsu” under the Seagull Ross music label since 2020.
On May 14, 2021, his debut mini album „Boil” was released. The release was promoted by three singles: “Serce”, “Inside Out” and “I Like This Song”, in which the artist returns to the times when in the 90s, he auditioned for the popular children’s TV show “From Kindergarten to Opole”. The performance recorded on a VHS tape became an inspiration to write the song and record the music video. For one of the tracks from the EP “Boil” keatsu invited an artist from Spain – Sandra Iris.

The artist also had the opportunity to collaborate with songwriter Vincent, with whom they created the song “Time”, and with the Irish producer and guitarist Poor Petal. The outcome of this collaboration is the song “Night Life”, released in autumn 2022. The music video directed by Maciej Milewski was shot on 16 mm and 8 mm film, and one of the promotional actions for the song was the hanging of posters in Gdańsk with the allegedly lost dinosaur – a character from the music video.

On June 1. 2023, the album “Struggles” was released.